Network (MLM) Marketers Your Upline Is Lying To You And Keeping You Broke

Lead Training

If you are new to network marketing then these facts may scare you. Don't back away or hide your head in the is obvious that the techniques that you are being taught by your upline are out of date and moldy. Back in the 90s most of those ideas worked, but now with the Internet, everything has changed.

Don't kid yourself, you know what I am talking about. That "Warm List" the "3-foot Rule" those meetings at the Holiday Inn. This is the Internet era and those old style ways are limiting your abilities my friend. Smart Marketers that understand the "New School" ways of building a business online are going to destroy the folks that just don't get it.

So you will need to change the way you look at the Internet from now on. Please stop chasing strangers around the mall, stop paying for leads and top of my list, Please stop cold calling people that are not interested in what you are pitching to them.

I know what its like to struggle in this industry. For the last 3 years I followed the training of my upline, struggling to get anyone to sign up in my business. I live in Montana, so the pickings are very limited and once you have gone through your list of 100 (if you know that many people) you are done my friend you will be shunned. No more BBQ invites..and if you have changed opportunities more than once FAGEDDABOUTIT, you might as well have a social disease.

So I know firsthand the frustrations, struggles and questions that you have had while trying to duplicate your business through your downline. Even a popular person will struggle using these old world techniques in this new world of marketing. No one likes to chase people, put up fliers, hand out cards and the whole ball of wax...especially if after months of doing it you are not seeing results.

What is needed is a training system that is up 24/7/365 to help you turn your business building activities into a duplicatable program. You need to brand your own website and then automate the training of your downline. This allows for predictable results for our team building.

The system you introduce your team to, can not be complex. Can not have HTML or coding involved in it, at least not for the newbies. You want to create a level playing field for all members of your team to succeed that allows them to make immediate cash flow to fund their business growth. No cold calling, no badgering, no selling your latest opportunity. I have taken away your excuses for failure in your network marketing business, so what are you going to do now?

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Psychology of Joint Venture Marketing

Psychology plays an important role in most consumer purchases, and the psychological effect of a joint venture marketing platform is no exception to this rule. Psychology is at play subconsciously in so many areas of our lives. Have you ever noticed how most supermarkets are organized in the same way? There is a floor plan for how to run a successful supermarket, down to the optimal lighting and the temperature at which the supermarket should be kept to maximize consumer purchases.

When you are in a supermarket, and looking for a specific product, it may seem that products are organized somewhat haphazardly, but this is not the case. Products are organized to inspire you to purchase items that you did not intend on purchasing when entering the store. The last minute checkout line purchases are the best example of this: how many of us have picked up a magazine, gift card, candy bar or pack of gum we didn’t really need, simply because we were standing in line and those products were there. This is consumer psychology at work at its best.

Consumer Psychology at Work in Joint Venture Marketing

You may be thinking, that makes sense, it sounds easy enough to capitalize on consumer psychology when you have customers walking through the door, but I have an online business, not the same thing at all! True, with your online business, you don’t have the benefit of customers walking through your doors, but you have something that when used to your advantage can be even better: you can go to your customers, reach them at home or on the road via emails - increasing access to your clients to a point where you don’t have to wait for them to come to you!

America was built on creating opportunities, and most Americans appreciate businesses that take initiative and create opportunities: it is the American way. But there is a fine line between creating opportunities and being invasive to your clients. Americans are also busier than ever in their lives, so bombarding them with countless emails and solicitations that convey the same message will most likely serve to alienate potential clients, rather than gain them. These are aspects of psychology of which it is important to be aware when running your online business.

Creating “Friendly” Marketing

A joint venture marketing partnership can help bridge the gap between effective marketing and invasive marketing, helping you gain the right balance to assertively attract new customers without being overbearing.

With a joint venture marketing partnership, you can piggyback with your partners on marketing tactics, such as customer email alerts and newsletters. With the joint forces of your marketing partnerships behind you, you can capitalize on the principles of consumer psychology and reach multiple customers on various levels without making them feel overwhelmed. If for instance, a certain customer buys from both you and one of your joint venture partners, you can attach advertisements or reminders to a “thank you for your purchase email” and remind your clients of your appreciation for their business without being invasive by sending unnecessary correspondence.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture Marketing & Consulting firm empowering business owners to discover and implement Integration, Alliance, and Joint Venture marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges and increase profits. To read more articles related to Joint Venture Marketing, please go to his Joint Venture Blog Site. He can be reached at

New Wave Marketing Defined

New Wave Marketing

The famous nine principles of marketing by Phliip Kotler as we all have learned to know and applied in our marketing strategies will be revised and adapt to the modern world today and these new principles will be known as New Wave Marketing. The new book on New Wave Marketing will be released soon by Philip Kotler and Hermawan Kartajaya of Markplus Inc. Whether or not they will actually replaced the old terms from now on has not been revealed.

Just to point out, The nine principles of marketing referred to as “Legacy Marketing” are:

1. Segmentation,
2. Targeting,
3. Positioning,
4. Differentiation,
5. Marketing Mix (Product, Place, Price, Promotion),
6. Selling,
7. Brand,
8. Service,
9. Process

12 C’s of “New Wave Marketing”

The new elements or principles has now been known as Twelve C’s of “New Wave Marketing”

1. Communitization,
2. Confirming,
3. Clarifying,
4. Coding,
5. Crowd-Combo (Co-Creation, Currency, Communal Activation, Conversation),
6. Commercialization,
7. Character,
8. Caring,
9. Collaboration

New Wave Marketing is to achieving high impact with low budget. Whereas Legacy Marketing needs high budget to achieve high impact.

The New Wave Marketing elements are actually a replacement of terms from the 9 principles of marketing by Phillip Kotler which decribe better the way marketers use them and apply them in this modern world.

These new terms do make sense with the new world today. The changes in information technology especially the internet has revolutionized how human interact with one another, creating more opportunities as well threats to all businesses. Just like the nine principles of Marketing that needs adaption to the new world, we too need to adapt to the New Wave Marketing and apply them to our business to face this new world”

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Joint Venture Marketing: Valuing Your Customers

Customer service is an integral part of any business plan. Finding new ways to show your customers you value their business will help you gain their loyalty and get ahead. Part of courting new customers is providing excellent service: listening to their wants and needs and going out of your way to address them. An added piece of providing excellent customer service, one in which a joint venture marketing partnership can assist you, is making your customers feel valued.

Making your customers feel important and appreciated can help set your business apart from others and gives you a leading edge. Unless you operate a very exclusive niche business, it is likely that there are several, if not many, businesses that provide the same products and services that you do. If this is the case, one important way to distinguish yourself among your competitors is how you treat your customers. Of course, providing superior customer service is important, but to really excel, you must take your customer service strategy a step further by making your customers feel valued.

It is a known psychological fact that people like to feel important and that they can make a difference. Many customers feel that they are just a number, one in a faceless, nameless mass. Even if they like your products and services, they may not feel that your company values their business. Because there are many successful businesses that offer similar products and services, what may inspire a customer to give you consistent business is their relationship with your company and how your company makes them feel.

Joint Venture Marketing Partnerships: A Pool of Resources

When you join forces with other businesses to form a joint venture marketing partnership, you are collectively pooling resources to positively influence both of your companies. This often starts with customer service and how customer relationships are handled. You may feel that your customer relation’s platform is successful, but to continue to succeed and excel in business, you need to think of ways to constantly change and renew your approaches. A joint venture marketing platform is a helpful way to achieve these goals.

Even if you are satisfied with your customer service plan and you get high scores from your customers and have a loyal following, a joint venture marketing partnership can still give you an advantage. Your joint venture partners may have new ideas on how to demonstrate your appreciation to your customers and how to illustrate that you truly value them.

Even if this is something you feel confident you are already doing, chances are there is room for improvement or a slight change to your current platform. The advertising structure of a joint venture marketing partnership also naturally lends itself to increasing the attention you normally give your customers. If your customers associate your joint venture marketing partners with you, and end up doing business with both you and one or more of your partners, that exponentially increases the opportunities you have to make your customers feel important and valued.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture Marketing & Consulting firm empowering business owners to discover and implement Integration, Alliance, and Joint Venture marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges and increase profits. To read more articles related to Joint Venture Marketing, please go to his Joint Venture Blog Site. He can be reached at

Efficiency is the Killer App

Efficiency is the Killer App

Nick Patrissi, Industry Relations Manager, Kodak’s Graphic Communications Group

Working efficiently is a business imperative in today’s competitive global marketplace. A global business requires the integration of marketing processes with global business requirements. Marketing strategies must now expand to include cultural norms, buying criteria, and selling propositions for dozens of international locales and partners. Marketing teams must schedule, collaborate, and review print, broadcast, and multimedia material among themselves and many creative and production partners.

As worldwide operations become more and more complex, marketing, creative, and production professionals are continually challenged to do more with less without compromising quality or effectiveness. Marketing and brand managers with bottom line responsibility are forced to take a much closer look at process automation and efficiency to meet these new business challenges, and are turning to technology to enhance efficiency and eliminate costly manual processes.

Interest in cool marketing business tools is not new, although the blend of cutting edge innovative technology with the strict discipline of process management is emerging under the category name of “marketing automation.” Marketing automation is growing in many segments of the corporate landscape. Led by early adopters and marketing directors in the consumer packaging, financial services and pharmaceutical sectors, many marketing companies have implemented sophisticated marketing automation solutions. The Winterberry Group LLC, reported that over 76% of marketing end users surveyed stated that their organization’s demand for marketing automation technology increased over the last 12 months. Most marketing research firms project increasing budgets for marketing automation in the years ahead and technology providers are responding with cutting edge software and hardware platforms to accommodate the industry need.

Cutting edge technology tools + Process management Discipline Costly manual interactions = Marketing Efficiency

Corporate marketing departments responding to corporate financial pressures are looking internally at impediments to speed, visibility and profit. The following is a list of identified operational problems within marketing operations:

• Lack of visibility into work in process

• Poor project management

• Manual processes, such as approvals

• Lack of team collaboration

• Inaccurate or laborious budget and expense management

• Time-consuming report or calendar production

• Low re-use of approved assets

• Poor campaign coordination and alignment of work with strategic plans

The future is bright for adoption of marketing automation! The adoption of marketing automation tools such as Kodak Design2Launch Solutions have tackled many of these problems, and enabled marketing giants in the pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods industries to make significant improvements in process efficiency. Specific functional improvements include the reduction of process errors and routing time by streamlining such tasks as campaign briefs, project management, creative review and digital asset management.

• Average review cycle reduced from 56 to 6 days

• Number of status meetings per project reduced by 45%

Amount of rework reduced by 38%

• Amount of time spent chasing down projects and files reduced by 65%

Hard dollar costs from errors and proofing reduced by $1.2 million in year one.

“Marketing technology adoption is inevitable and thus an imperative. John Rizzi, CEO, E-Dialog

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Joint Venture Marketing: Giving Your Customers More

When running any business, online or otherwise, customer service is one of the main tenants needed for building success. Building a strong and loyal customer base will ensure your longevity and ultimately long-term success. To create such a base of loyal clients, you’ll need to provide them with not only excellent customer service, but also with something they cannot get from other businesses providing similar services.

Joining forces with other businesses by forming a joint venture marketing partnership can give you an edge not only with your business and advertising, but also with your customer service. Providing varied and dynamic customer service is as important as providing superior customer service to your clients.

You want your marketing campaign to stand out and give your clients something unique they don’t get from other companies. It is also important to make your customers feel important, that you value their business and that having their business truly matters to you. Embarking on a joint venture partnership is one way to successfully address a broad range of diverse customer service needs.

Expanding the Customer Service Base

When you develop a joint venture marketing partnership, the goal is for new customers and new client relationships to grow out of this enterprise. However, with more customers come more customer service responsibilities. Luckily with your new joint venture marketing partnership, you can diversify your customer service with the assistance of your partners and provide successful and unique customer service that will make a visible difference to your clients.

You may wonder how a joint venture marketing partnership can assist with your customer service platform. This is a marketing plan, not a customer service plan, right? That is accurate. A joint venture marketing partnership is primarily about cooperatively advertising and marketing your business, but any good marketing plan will account for and influence customer service.

When you form a joint venture marketing partnership, it is a collective sharing of ideas and expertise. You will gain insight into how to reach customers in new and different ways based on how your joint venture marketing partners run their customer service. This is one of the main benefits of partnering with other businesses.

When working with your joint venture marketing partners, you will also have the opportunity to naturally diversify your customer service and to reach more customers. This will ultimately create a potential influx of new and loyal customers. Ideally, with a joint venture marketing partnership, you will end up gaining customers from your partners, and vice versa.

When you gain customers that are part of your partners existing client base, the customers are generally aware of the association. You can capitalize on this association by adding an advertising or customer service message to the customer service correspondence that your partners are sending out. This increases your contacts and relationships with your clients and serves to do the same for your partners.

Your clients will get regular correspondence from you and your partners, creating a greater feeling of involvement and importance and it won’t be the same boring emails over and over. You will actually be able to capture and hold your customer’s interest and attention, which is exactly what every company wants!

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture Marketing & Consulting firm empowering business owners to discover and implement Integration, Alliance, and Joint Venture marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges and increase profits. To read more articles related to Joint Venture Marketing, please go to his Joint Venture Blog Site. He can be reached at

4 Steps You Must Take To have profitable, fully optimized pay per click campaign the minute it launches

It is possible to improve your website traffic immediately. Let us look at some unpaid modes to encourage your traffic as Pay Per Click advertising is becoming more and more difficult. You can set up a blog today for free if you do not already own one as blogging is the most used example. Take the help of the ping services to get the word around after writing a post or posts with keywords relevant to your topic or point. Services such as these will send your link out to lots of blog directories and sites. You can get an instant hit in one day but your website traffic will get a boost the more you do it.

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Email your list - do you expect us to believe that you do not have a list as yet? It is quite incredible that many people on the internet have not yet created their own email list. You can increase the volume and frequency of your website traffic immediately if you have a ready list to send out pre-set announcements or e mails drawing the attention of everyone to visit your website for making the most of the latest special offer or advice.

Joint Venture - this may be fruitful sometimes but, fail at other times. In case you receive a message from another website related to your theme, why not find out if it is possible to send them something relevant for their use and for their customers. Preferably this would be something you would do to offer some value - a free report, a product to sell and you would share the profits with the list owner. Usually, people have thousands of names on their lists - surely a profitable way to pump up traffic.

Pay Per Click advertising is becoming more and more difficult. There are literally hundreds of thousands of advertisers out there trying to grab customers' attention.

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Joint Venture Marketing: Sharing Customer Service Concerns with your JV Partner

With any type of business, maintaining and providing consistent and superior customer service is an ongoing challenge. For companies who can offer excellent customer service, they enjoy a serious competitive edge.

When running an online business, customer service can be a particularly difficult challenge, as you don’t have the opportunity for direct interaction and personal contact with the customer.

Forming a joint venture marketing partnership can help you improve customer service by identifying less than optimum areas that may exist in your current customer service scheme. In this way you have the potential to expand your customer base, improve your sales, and create a type of checks and balances system for your customer service plan.

Tenants of Customer Service

There are a few basic tenants of customer service that are important for any business to follow:

  • Be a good listener - Take time to identify the concerns of your specific customers
  • Make customers feel important and appreciated
  • Give more than expected - think of ways to give your customers something that they cannot get anywhere else
  • Get regular feedback, and encourage constructive criticism and suggestions

If you are not already following these principles, you’ll want to shape your company’s customer service model by immediately integrating these practices. Once these changes have been implemented you can embark on a forming a joint venture marketing partnership. Keep in mind, it will be vital to discuss these principals with your potential partners to be sure you are on the same page regarding your approach to customer service.

Checks and Balances

When you initially form a joint venture marketing partnership, it will force you to review all of your business practices so you can align your philosophy with those of your partners. If your business philosophies do not match, it is best to find out at the beginning of the relationship. You’ll do this by reviewing each other’s existing practices.

Once you have agreed to go forward with a joint venture marketing partnership, the process of having partners in this way will serve as a natural checks and balances system that will keep your business and particularly your customer service on track.

Having joint venture marketing partners will also give you suggestions of how to approach customer service you may not have thought of or may not be currently employing. The beauty of a joint venture marketing partnership is the sharing of experience and expertise, learning things from your partners that you otherwise would not have been exposed to.

For a successful customer service model to work, it is important to constantly stay on your toes and think of new ways to engage your customer without overwhelming them or seeming too pushy. A joint venture marketing partnership can provide information on various customer service strategies, as well as give you the resources to follow through with these tactics.

You may even want to share customer service responsibilities with your partners so your customers don’t feel bombarded by your attempts to make contact with them. This is only one option how joint venture marketing can assist your customer service. There are many more to be discovered as your progress with your partnership.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture Marketing & Consulting firm empowering business owners to discover and implement Integration, Alliance, and Joint Venture marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges and increase profits. To read more articles related to Joint Venture Marketing, please go to his Joint Venture Blog Site. He can be reached at