New Wave Marketing Defined

New Wave Marketing

The famous nine principles of marketing by Phliip Kotler as we all have learned to know and applied in our marketing strategies will be revised and adapt to the modern world today and these new principles will be known as New Wave Marketing. The new book on New Wave Marketing will be released soon by Philip Kotler and Hermawan Kartajaya of Markplus Inc. Whether or not they will actually replaced the old terms from now on has not been revealed.

Just to point out, The nine principles of marketing referred to as “Legacy Marketing” are:

1. Segmentation,
2. Targeting,
3. Positioning,
4. Differentiation,
5. Marketing Mix (Product, Place, Price, Promotion),
6. Selling,
7. Brand,
8. Service,
9. Process

12 C’s of “New Wave Marketing”

The new elements or principles has now been known as Twelve C’s of “New Wave Marketing”

1. Communitization,
2. Confirming,
3. Clarifying,
4. Coding,
5. Crowd-Combo (Co-Creation, Currency, Communal Activation, Conversation),
6. Commercialization,
7. Character,
8. Caring,
9. Collaboration

New Wave Marketing is to achieving high impact with low budget. Whereas Legacy Marketing needs high budget to achieve high impact.

The New Wave Marketing elements are actually a replacement of terms from the 9 principles of marketing by Phillip Kotler which decribe better the way marketers use them and apply them in this modern world.

These new terms do make sense with the new world today. The changes in information technology especially the internet has revolutionized how human interact with one another, creating more opportunities as well threats to all businesses. Just like the nine principles of Marketing that needs adaption to the new world, we too need to adapt to the New Wave Marketing and apply them to our business to face this new world”

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