Network (MLM) Marketers Your Upline Is Lying To You And Keeping You Broke

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If you are new to network marketing then these facts may scare you. Don't back away or hide your head in the is obvious that the techniques that you are being taught by your upline are out of date and moldy. Back in the 90s most of those ideas worked, but now with the Internet, everything has changed.

Don't kid yourself, you know what I am talking about. That "Warm List" the "3-foot Rule" those meetings at the Holiday Inn. This is the Internet era and those old style ways are limiting your abilities my friend. Smart Marketers that understand the "New School" ways of building a business online are going to destroy the folks that just don't get it.

So you will need to change the way you look at the Internet from now on. Please stop chasing strangers around the mall, stop paying for leads and top of my list, Please stop cold calling people that are not interested in what you are pitching to them.

I know what its like to struggle in this industry. For the last 3 years I followed the training of my upline, struggling to get anyone to sign up in my business. I live in Montana, so the pickings are very limited and once you have gone through your list of 100 (if you know that many people) you are done my friend you will be shunned. No more BBQ invites..and if you have changed opportunities more than once FAGEDDABOUTIT, you might as well have a social disease.

So I know firsthand the frustrations, struggles and questions that you have had while trying to duplicate your business through your downline. Even a popular person will struggle using these old world techniques in this new world of marketing. No one likes to chase people, put up fliers, hand out cards and the whole ball of wax...especially if after months of doing it you are not seeing results.

What is needed is a training system that is up 24/7/365 to help you turn your business building activities into a duplicatable program. You need to brand your own website and then automate the training of your downline. This allows for predictable results for our team building.

The system you introduce your team to, can not be complex. Can not have HTML or coding involved in it, at least not for the newbies. You want to create a level playing field for all members of your team to succeed that allows them to make immediate cash flow to fund their business growth. No cold calling, no badgering, no selling your latest opportunity. I have taken away your excuses for failure in your network marketing business, so what are you going to do now?

Rebecca Holman works with serious network marketers that want to implement current marketing technologies at MLM Lead Marketing Online Approach the future of the internet by learning to brand yourself through Attraction Marketing

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