Joint Venture Marketing: Maximizing Your Inner Circle

Joint venture marketing has been around for ages in traditional marketing circles, but is a relative newcomer to the Internet marketing niche.  A joint venture marketing platform as applied to Internet marketing is essentially the same as a traditional joint marketing venture: it is a business enterprise agreed upon by two or more parties who share the expense of the venture, and, hopefully, the profits. 

Essentially, a joint venture marketing partnership shares the costs associated with marketing your business and services, as well as the profits.

An additional benefit to having a joint venture partner when it comes to your marketing platform is often the sharing of business contacts and clients. Joint venture marketing is an extension of a relationship marketing scheme - in which relationships are the central focus of your plan, and the core from which your business emanates.

In traditional relationship marketing, the focus is on your clients and how to develop strong and consistent relationships with them. Customer relationships is still a priority in joint venture marketing, but the relationships you have with your business partners is also a central concern because it is through these relationships and partnerships that your joint venture marketing plan will flourish.

Circle of Friends

One benefit of forging joint venture marketing partnerships is the relationships you will develop with your business partners, and the potential to make contacts through the relationships that your new business partners already have in place. A joint venture marketing plan is an excellent way to expand your network of professional contacts, which may potentially lead to new business and new partnerships at a future time. In this way, developing an “inner circle” of business associates will increase your exposure in the marketplace, and potentially promote your company and its services in new market niches.

We all have an inner circle in our personal lives  - a group of trusted friends. Developing such an inner circle in your joint venture marketing partnerships can give you a definite advantage which may lead to the competitive edge you need to succeed.

Not all business partnerships develop into close relationships, but it is to your advantage if they do. People, even in a professional capacity, are more likely to go out of their way for people that they like and with whom they have a close relationship—it is just human nature. This law of reciprocity works both ways: you are also more likely to go out of your way for a known and trusted business colleague that for one with whom you are not as familiar.

It may sound a bit calculating to set out to develop an inner circle, but it is ultimately a rewarding partnership for both companies. You may benefit from being part of the inner circle of one of your joint venture marketing partners, but it is reciprocal: your partner will benefit as well.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture Marketing & Consulting firm empowering business owners to discover and implement Integration, Alliance, and Joint Venture marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges and increase profits. To read more articles related to Joint Venture Marketing, please go to his Joint Venture Blog Site. He can be reached at

What’s In It For You? Being “Selfish” In Your Joint Venture Partnership

Joint venture marketing, also known as JV marketing, has become a very popular way for businesses to maximize their exposure in the marketplace, as well as their profits. When two or more businesses combine their resources, contacts and clients in a synergistic way, it has the potential to create a larger marketing impact, and greater profits than either entity has the capacity to create on its own.

Put your needs first – even if you are a new business

When entering into a new joint venture marketing partnership, you are creating a relationship, and one that may potentially be a close, profitable and long-term one. Given this, it may be tempting to look at the partnership from the perspective of your partners to be sure that their needs are being met and that the deal is fair to them. This is important, as people who are not being offered a fair deal are unlikely to be happy with the long-term relationship.  But, the first thing you must ask yourself and have a positive answer for is, “What’s in it for me?” It is essential to secure a fair and profitable deal for yourself and your company.

If you have just started a business, or are new to the practice of joint venture marketing, it may be tempting to think that you should accept a lesser deal because your partner is “doing you a favor” by deciding to engage in a partnership with a novice.  This is the time to be selfish! Do not undermine your potential or sell yourself short by getting into a partnership that doesn’t offer equal benefits to you. If you accept a deal like this, it has the potential to backfire down the road for a couple of reasons:

  • Your partner may develop an undervalued perception of your company
  • It may affect your partnerships and profits down the road
  • You may not be enjoying your fair share of joint revenues

Don’t set precedence for lowered profits

When starting a new joint venture marketing partnership, if you accept a lower percentage of profits or of advertising space, this tends to set a precedent where your partners may then expect you to continually accept a lesser deal. And if this sort of thinking continues, it has the potential to breed resentment on your part and affect your professional relationship with your partner, but it may also affect the future of your bottom line and company profits.

If you are new to the market or new to a business, you have just as much to offer as an established company. They may have a larger and more grounded client list and more experience, but particularly with the climate of Internet business, it is vital to offer something new and cutting edge.  You may benefit from their expertise, but they will benefit from your fresh ideas and perspective.

Keep in mind that you may not have the same things to offer as your partners, but you have just as much value to bring to the venture. It is fine to look out for yourself and the interests of your company, and probably a good way to embark on your joint venture marketing partnerships. Being “selfish” doesn’t entail being unfair or rude - simply keeping the interests of your business at the front of your mind, which is exactly what your partner will be doing for his or her own company!

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture Marketing & Consulting firm empowering business owners to discover and implement Integration, Alliance, and Joint Venture marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges and increase profits. To read more articles related to Joint Venture Marketing, please go to his Joint Venture Blog Site. He can be reached at

Facebook Online Marketing

The newest trend in the internet today is joining one of the many social networking websites. Here, you will be able to keep in touch with your old friends as well as your relatives and you will also be able to make new friends as well as meet new people. With social networking websites, you will see that it will make the world a smaller place.

One social networking web site that is so popular among many people from all over the world is Facebook. In this website, you will be able to post your pictures, discuss your interests and hobbies as well as do other great things.

In the past, Facebook was restricted to Harvard College students. In time, it expanded to other schools and universities until it became available for everyone above the age of 13 from different parts of the world.

Currently, the Facebook website now has approximately 62 million active users worldwide.

Now, if you have an online business, you will see that Facebook can significantly help you promote your website and your business. Facebook marketing is now one of the hottest trends among online entrepreneurs today. Just think about it, with over 62 million active users worldwide, you will definitely have a lot of potential clients to do business with.

Because of the amount of people joining Facebook, a lot of online business owners are now joining this social networking website in order to market their products or services. With Facebook, you will definitely be able to effectively market your website.

The great thing about Facebook today is that anyone will now be able to join it. Whether you are a college student or you are an entrepreneur looking for a niche market, Facebook is the place that you should go to. More about Facebook Marketing Tips.

Cash in with Video Marketing

With the popularity of Youtube, Break, Myspace video, and so many more Video social networking sites popping up everyday. This is a very important avenue to consider if you are marketing any kind of product on the internet. Especially if you are an affiliate marketer. Not only is video marketing important to your campaign and to get the word out, what if your video became viral? Your traffic to your sites, or affiliate links would skyrocket. Just take a look at youtube or one of the other sites I have mentioned, make a note of what is in the top 100 videos. Take cues from these when you start your video marketing campaign. These are the types of videos users like to watch, but you do not have to be exactly like them to get viewers. Below I am going to give some ideas of ways you can get started today with out a video camera. I have used the steps personally and they do work, and do bring traffic to your sites.

I am going to begin with the tools you need. These can be simple tools all the way up to professional quality video equipment. It really depends on what type of videos you are going to be doing. If you are for example going to be creating video of how to use a computer software program, then you do not need a video camera. On the other hand if you are going to be an infomercial type video showing a product that you have invented or own you will need a video camera. I am going to focus on howto videos, and other marketing videos, so you are going to need a great product like Camtasia Studio. This is a software program that lets you create video of your computers desktop. This is great for recording step by step how to videos. You are also going to need a way to get the videos out to your viewers. This is the easy part you can simply upload your videos to, or one of the many other video sites. These are free to join and will save you loads of money on hosting your own videos.

Here are some tips as to what type of videos you can do:

Music video, well not really. There are hundreds of free Opensource music that you can use. A trick that I have done and works to bring traffic is create a video with a screenshot of your website with your URL overlayed on the clip include the song with this and upload to a video hosting site. This is a quick and easy video to make and you can use tools you may already have such as Windows Movie Maker.

How about creating a video explaining how to use your favorite ClickBank product. Thats right make a how to video on how to use a certain piece of software or how to use one of the great marketing products that are available on ClickBank. People love how to videos. You can create the video upload it, but be sure to put your url of your landing page as an overlay on the video. Be sure to mention your website in the video.

These tips will help you get started in video marketing, this topic is so huge that I could never cover the entire process here. I have found some tools that will help you get started and make the process simple and easy even if you are not a professional video producer.

Brand your videos with your logo and url

Easiest way to create a video website

Easily create video captures of your desktop

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The sample business plan that Teneric Business Plans are offering is from the professional and expert who helped to raise finances and make more profit in both large and small business owners and they have been doing so since 1988. You can apply their free services in writing your own business plans and you may even use their expertise and guidance to write a winning business plan that could help you to secure your funding with confidence. Same goes for the marketing plans. You can browse through a list of sample marketing plans that this group of professionals has already written to find one that is most like your business. This will allow you to write a unique marketing plan that will fit your business and improve your marketing for your new product or service. All of Teneric Business Plans’ marketing plans are written for both new and accessible business owners who desire otherwise need to open new products and services or who want to encourage other customers to try their products and services.

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The Art of The Follow Up

Are you keeping track of people who you quote your personal training rates. Or who you give away your valuable time to with a free session? Or are they lost in the ether never to be heard from again? Simply put, following up will bring you more clients.

Many people call or write an email inquiry to you when they are contemplating a personal trainer. But if they tell you they're going to think about it, then it becomes time for you to take matters into your own hands, because other life priorities are now vying for their attention. Sometimes all people need is someone to jar their memory back into the consciousness
level they were in when they contacted you.

The follow up does this. If you don't have a system for following up on your leads and prospects, it's time to get one. Keep track of who contacted you and when, along with their email address, phone number and, if possible, their mailing address. Then, once a week or so, send these people a friendly note, saying something like:

here, just catching up once more with you on your enquiry…

It was great speaking with you on , just wondering if you've given any more
thought to our conversation…

Or if it's been more than 3 months, say:

How are you? I hope you remember me! Just wanted to see how you were doing and
to let you know I'm here for you when you're ready to move forward…

There are many ways the follow up can be used, including with prospective joint venture partners or website visitors who may have filled out a form and/or joined your mailing list. Getting yourself back into people's radar screens is crucial to sustained growth.

I took some sales coaching a few years ago and when I asked my coach how often I should follow up with a prospect, his reply was "until they say definitely yes or definitely no!" Something to think about…! A lost client is so costly that it is almost indescribable.

If your average client has a lifetime value of £X and you lose just one, it costs you yes £X in future revenue. But wait beyond that, you also lose future up-sell opportunities of services that you could have provided them and retail purchases they could have made from you.

But it doesn't end there. You also lose the potential Referrals they could have generated, each with similar potential lifetime values. If you're driving unsatisfied clients away you're also suffering from what I call the "Dissatisfied Client Syndrome". That is, where these dissatisfied clients each discourage 10-20 people from ever working with you. This of course, engages the whole profit loss cycle all over again. And finally, you now must now invest substantial money and time to replace this lost client–which costs 500% more than keeping your current clients.

What that means to you is that improving client retention even 10% can add 20, 30 even 40% to your bottom line. The solution to this problem: overdeliver and know the value of every client. Stay in touch with your clients through an e-mail newsletter or social networks like Facebook. Consider sending clients Thank You cards when they sign up, congratulatory notes for meeting goals and cards around the holidays. When you respect clients, they respect you! And you're running a business not a hobby!

For Those Individuals That Need the Best Promotional Items Tips

On a preliminary note, the big error that different corporations make is to send promotional items to only their clients; they fail to know that giving out promotional items to the folks that aren’t yet their consumers can aid when the consumers need to select between their firm and the competition.

It is important to offer promotional items to individuals that will clearly be useful to them; certainly, these are the styles of promotional items that corporations ought to work towards providing to their customers.

In lots of cases, promotional items can have lots more effect on advancing a company’s image as well as credibility than advertising in the mas media; individuals would definitely admire promotional items that they gained from far more than just promotions.

If cost of physically presenting your company's promotional items is the snag, then consider the Internet promotional items; these don’t need cost for moving them, but will obviously reach many men and women, if done right.

Judicious corporations view the promotional items they give as the finest publicizing and marketing they can do; that is why they put loads of effort as well as money in offering the suitable promotional items; you need to also.

Any promotional item that you send without putting your company’s name it is as good as wasted promotion and also marketing effort; do not do it.

In spite of the grandness of distributing promotional items, it is valuable to consider the available money of the corporation and the profit the company makes before expending whatever amount is needed to be used on the promotional items.

As this article has so far shown, note that the costing of the promotional items will truly be dependent on the colors you desire, the implant size, the promotional item form, as well as other beneficial factors.

Promotional items are very important in spreading the word around and promoting your business. Head over to

Marketing With Commercial Video Production

Florida Video Production

Corporate Video Production is most definitely not a frivolous investment. For the leading edge broadcast finish that you need your production requires leading edge video technology. Corporate Video Production tax lawyer not only a great way to communicate with members Superboy your staff, but also with potential prospects. It's one of the most powerful communication tools available and it is a common medium that everyone purchase auto insurance understand. Corporations use videos for trainings, seminars, and orientations. It?s a super tool that you can use for meetings and other events.

Video production is a skill that not all people possess. With a little practice, I hope to get better with each video I take!! Video production is said to be an art of producing a finished video that is all arranged, designed and planned according to client?s requirements.

Video production is the process of producing a film & video production for commercial purposes like movies, advertisement, music, and corporate promotions, though some production also takes place in the form of home videos. Great references camera operator and videographer production company editing facility on-line plus aerial camera operator and postproduction services. Video director services. Video production is like this in that the reason you produce video is to make a combination of quality visual and audial communications. All that you do in video production is to go towards a final product.

Shoot an opening and closing shot. These are your most important shots, since they place your viewers on the scene and set the tone for the story. Shoot You work to your deadlines be they weeks, or just hours. We've never missed a deadline and don't penalise clients with punitive overtime rates.

Television has become the single most important method of communicating ideas. With a custom-made video production you can sell, influence, train, explain, or project your image, ensuring the same accurate message is seen each time. Television channels are now airing live programmes and streaming them to the hand held mobile phones. Trendy programmes like super dancer/singer with mass participation are becoming influential entertainment.

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In short, here's what the videos will cover:

1) Create MySQL databases from Cpanel
2) Populate MySQL database by using 'myPHPadmin'
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5) Creating & deleting files/folders using ftp client
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6) Running the setup procedure of the scripts
7) Setting up the cron jobs from Cpanel
8) 'Piping the email' to accept email subscriptions

Exclusive Review By George Sepich

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What I've seen in general is that most newbies have no idea on how to do these technical stuff. I've seen a lot of similar help requests on many marketing forums, every single day.

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