Joint Venture Marketing: Increasing Profits Through Human Nature

Joint venture marketing is a subset of the relationship marketing family philosophy, but applies relationship marketing principles in a different way, which ideally helps to stimulate growth and strong relationships. Where relationship marketing focuses first on customer relationships, joint venture marketing increases the focus to include business partner relationships, which will ultimately foster and further customer relationships.

To be sure, joint venture marketing focuses as much on customer relationships as does traditional relationship marketing, but takes this focus to another realm with the idea of forging new and even stronger customer relationships.

The Fundamentals of a Joint Venture Partnership

In a joint venture marketing partnership, your company or business will join forces with one of more companies to facilitate stronger marketing practices and strategies for each member of the partnership. These new marketing practices and strategies include ways to organically produce solid customer relationships that will potentially yield long-term relationships.

With a successful joint venture marketing partnership, one of the first steps to creating a larger customer base is to work on building strong relationships with your partners. The stronger your partner relationships, the stronger your customer relationships will be. There is a trickle down cause and effect relationship between strong joint venture marketing partnership relationships and strong customer relationships. This is what the principles of joint venture marketing are built on, and what differentiates joint venture marketing from relationship marketing.

Trickle Down Effect

The idea behind developing a joint venture marketing partnership is to benefit from the mutual experience and expertise of your partners. You may have a great and loyal customer base, but unless you extend this customer base, your business is unlikely to grow. Partnering with other businesses to share marketing strategies and ideas, and to implement these ideas as a group, is an extremely effective way to expand your customer base.

But in order to develop a new customer base that is as loyal as your current customer base, you must develop strong relationships with your joint venture marketing partners. The strength of relationships with new customers that you make as a result of your joint venture marketing partnership is a direct reflection of the strength of your business relationships. If you form a joint venture marketing partnership, and do not put much effort into developing relationships with your partners via working together for a common goal, this will be evident to your new clients, and these relationships will ultimately not grow to their full potential.

Part of this reality is determined by something extremely simple: human nature.  People tend to go out of their way to help people they feel like they share something with, and someone they feel close to.  This is just as true in business as it is in personal life. But, this also cannot be fabricated.

You may not actually “like” all of your joint venture marketing partners, or want to be friends with them, but you can take an interest in them and their specific business, which will open the doors of communication. Once you’re established a solid professional relationship based on mutual respect, your partners will be more willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help you succeed. You may want to be the first one to step up to the plate and take the extra step or provide additional information or help to one of your partners, and this will certainly be reciprocated.   A happy well functioning relationship with your joint venture marketing partners will translate into stronger customer relationships, and eventually, a bigger bottom line.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture Marketing & Consulting firm empowering business owners to discover and implement Integration, Alliance, and Joint Venture marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges and increase profits. To read more articles related to Joint Venture Marketing, please go to his Joint Venture Blog Site. He can be reached at

Digital Signage: New Poll Reveals Growing Importance Of Internet In Gathering Information

Digital Signage Perspectives Give Marketing Insight

The new Pew Poll may have important implications for those who wish to market their products with digital signage.

A couple of weeks ago the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press released the results of a major survey about how people in this country consume news.

While the focus of the study was on the news media, I believe the research reveals some important demographic currents that digital signage marketers would do well to recognize and understand. The survey revealed four types on news consumers: News-Integrators, Net-Newsers, Traditionalists and Disengaged. I’ll disregard the disengaged for the sake of expediency and concentrate on three remaining groups because they are where the message for those concerned with digital signage lies.

The two groups offering the most fertile ground for digital signage marketers are News-Integrators and Net-Newsers. Together these two groups, which account for 36 percent of total, show a high propensity for using multiple media types to find the news they desire. According to the results, both groups are well-educate and relatively affluent –qualities most digital signage marketers will find attractive.

Where they differ is in the degree to which they rely on a combination of media technologies when seeking out news. For example, News Integrators view TV as their primary source of news, but supplement it by visiting Web sites most days. Net-Newsers, on the other hand, regard the Internet as their primary source of news. In total, 92 percent of Net-Newsers go online daily to find their news. Other sources, like television, are regarded as secondary. In fact, this group relies so much on the Web that more of them are likely to watch a news story online than sit in front of their TVs and watch the nightly news.

Traditionalist, who account for 46 percent of news consumers, are older, less well-off and less educated than Net-Newsers and News Integrators. Television is the dominant source of news among Traditionalists, and although they own computers, they rarely go online to find out what’s happening.

From my point of view, digital signage marketers can take a few lessons away from this survey. First, most people depend on TV as a valued news source. That’s good news for digital signage communicators because their signs are indistinguishable from TVs at first glance. Secondly, 36 percent of the audience, which happens to be the most affluent portion, likes using a combination of media to get the information they desire. Digital signage marketers can take advantage of this attraction to multiple media sources by adding a broadcast or cable channel into their signage presentations. By using TV in an on-screen digital signage zone, they can grab an audience’s attention while simultaneously conveying their own messages in the remaining zones on the sign.

Third, up-and-coming Net-Newsers and News Integrators show by their news consumption patterns that they are tech savvy and enjoy using technology to determine which media they consume. Hybrid, interactive digital signs adds the perception that the audience is in control of what’s displayed, something that dovetails nicely with this preference.

From my point of view, the results of this survey point out some characteristics about the news audience that can serve as guideposts as digital signage communicators define their message and their approach. Taking advantage of the affinity of these respondents for television news puts digital signage in the game. Using the tools that are available to make it interactive, positions digital signage to excel as an influencer.

David Little is a digital signage enthusiast with 20 years of experience helping professionals use technology to more effectively communicate their unique marketing messages. He is the director of marketing for Keywest Technology in Lenexa, KS, a software development company specializing in systems for digital signage creation, scheduling, management and playback. For further digital signage insight from Keywest Technology, download our Six Basic Digital Signage Applications white paper and case studies. Or, visit our website for many helpful tips and examples on how digital signage can benefit your business.

Why cleaner business cards are vital for your success

There is a lot of chatter on how business is happening on-line these days. However, there is still a place for cleaner business cards cards in the real world.

In fact being without a business card is a sin if you want to progress in your industry. There are so many openings to give your card to potential customers or future business partners that your cleaner business cards should be the first thing you put in your wallet.

Making the most of your cleaner business cards, here are our top 10 tips:

  • Find other companies that do not compete with you but share similar customers, ask to swap business cards with them. You can promote them and they can help promote your cleaner business.
  • Put your cleaner business cards on local community message boards in shopping centers, local libraries and community halls.
  • Give your business cards out to family and friends so they can help promote your business.
  • If you attach your business card to your invoices your customers will always have a card to hand if they need to call you.
  • Speak to local businesses, agree a referral fee if you receive any leads from placing your cleaner business cards you place in their office reception.
  • Hand out your cleaner business cards to other business people at local business functions and meetings.
  • When sending out promotional material in the post, always attach your business card to the brochure or leaflet.
  • Make sure any distinctive company logo is prominently displayed on your business cards.
  • Put your business cards in your jacket, wallet, purse, car, office, home, drawers, by the phone... never be without a business card
  • Your cleaner business cards should be easy to read, do not use fonts that advance difficult to read your name.

While you will use your business cards in the real world, one of the best places to find cleaner business cards is on-line. We have found offers that include the following features:

  • 250 free cleaner business cards, just pay shipping and handling
  • 42 designs on-line to choose from, in many color schemes
  • Design your card online
  • Your cleaner business cards delivered to your home or office

Business cards represent one of the best value marketing tools a person or company can use to promote their services. This is even better value if the cards can be printed at no cost.

Select your business cards on-line so next time you meet future customers you will have a ready supply of sample cleaner business cards with you.

Joint Venture Marketing: Hire a JV Consultant To Help Build Profitable Relationships for You

A joint venture marketing partnership is an excellent way to potentially expand your business and move it forward. The specifics of a partnership can vary, but the essential idea remains consistent, regardless of how the partnership is executed.

Sharing Resources to Boost Profits

A joint venture marketing partnership is an agreement or formal contract between two or more businesses, which agree to combine their individual resources for the mutual benefit of each company involved. This may be an arrangement where your company shares its client list in exchange for access to your partner’s client lists.

This sharing of existing clients is one way in which these kinds of partnerships are most frequently executed. If this is the kind of joint venturing marketing partnership you choose to develop, (and it is often the most simple and straightforward one to pursue) it is important to note that you should seek partners who are not in exactly the same business as you are. You don’t want your partners to be in direct competition with you for clients - these would be competitors, not partners, and there are enough competitors out there already that you don’t need to go looking for them!

How to Find Synergistic JV Partners

Now that you’ve decided that developing a joint venture marketing partnership may help take your business to the next level, how do you find these wonderful partners? If you are already running your own small business and tapped out in terms of time and resources, it may be difficult to fit in the research necessary to find good potential partners. You may be well versed in who your direct competitors are, but identifying tangentially related businesses may prove to be more difficult and not companies that come immediately to mind.  Working with consultants that are experts in your industry is a great way to help identify potential joint venture marketing partners and to streamline your process in setting up these partnerships, ultimately saving you precious time.

Employing Industry Consultants

Industry consultants work with a variety of companies within the realm of a specific industry. These consultants are often experts who are hired to execute a specific task, and they are not necessarily on staff at any one specific company. Thus, they have exposure to and contact with a number of different companies. Because of this exposure, these consultants are a valuable resource to help you identify potential joint venture marketing partners. 

Joint Venture Marketing Partnership Consultants

Once you identify and decide to work with industry consultants, their specific role can take a couple of different directions. You may want to use an industry consultant to simply help you identify other companies that might be a good match for a joint venture partnership. These consultants can provide valuable information that would be difficult and time consuming for you to track down on your own. You would then reach out directly to these companies and work on sorting out an agreement on your own.

There are also professional consultants who can be used to officially broker your marketing partnership agreements and deals for you. Some businesses feel more comfortable with this type of arrangement and have the resources to spare to hire such a consultant. However if you decide to proceed with your joint venture marketing partnership, employing the resources of a consultant can be hugely beneficial.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture Marketing & Consulting firm empowering business owners to discover and implement Integration, Alliance, and Joint Venture marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges and increase profits. To read more articles related to Joint Venture Marketing, please go to his Joint Venture Blog Site. He can be reached at

How Increase Revenue And Boost Profits Painlessly

Nearly all web entrepreneurs throw away their time chasing one trend to another. Be it search engine optimization, social marketing, press releases and all that.

Needless to say, I'm not declaring those tactics are entirely worthless. If completed properly and in the apt context, they're all hugely helpful.

But without the right foundation, they are basically that - promotion approaches. They don't make any kind of earnings without this skill.

And it's the explanation why you observe many folks bomb on the web. They imprudently hop from one huge trend to another, hopeful to succeed, all while overlooking the base.

Do you know what is this skill I'm talking about?

It's web copywriting , naturally!

All promotion campaign comes down to how good you know how to communicate and sway - and that's what copywriting is all about.

Don't worry. Copywriting is different from writing... at least in the traditional meaning. Copywriting is just plain communication crafted to influence someone.

The objective of copywriting is not to get perfect sentence structure or write powerfully. It's about convincing - and that implies you have got to be understood first. Hence it's actually better if you write as simply as possible.

If truth be told, proficient writers are frequently poor copywriters because they attempt to sound sophisticated, making use of buzz words and long sentences.

And also, writing copy is effortless as soon as you have carried out your research. If you know what a person desires and how your product play a part in gratifying that yearning, isn't it simple to connect the dots?

But despite the value of copywriting, most internet marketers are paying no heed to it. They choosed in its place for more traffic. The term "get more traffic" is a lot more prevalent than would "copywriting" or "increase conversion".

But you should understand by now that extra traffic is not the remedy. Most traffic creation techniques need money. To generate tons of traffic you require large numbers of money.

If none of those traffic converts, you will soon notice yourself going broke - just in the same way as many folks did.

Now, wouldn't it be fantastic if someone explain to you how you can write a convincing sales copy? Well, I've set up a copywriting tips blog for you to discover more about the facts.

Of course, if you want to in truth become successful as an internet marketer, I would suggest you get yourself a web copywriting course.

Submit to a Quality Business Directory for Better Results

A business directory provides the ideal directory to submit your site to if you’re trying to attract customers. A web directory is not the same as a search engine, because a search engine lists websites according to a search performed on different keywords. Users that visit a web directory do so, in order to find websites on a particular category or topic. A web directory organizes its sites according to various categories and subcategories. The major purpose of a web directory is to provide directory users with a categorized list of high quality websites from a chosen field or industry. There are many different web directories on the Internet providing a listing of links to various places on the Internet.

Business India
Make sure that the directory is well organized. Users can usually search these directories by category and location making it very making it very easy for your customers to find you. Just throwing a set of links on a webpage isn’t enough to classify as a web directory. Niche web directories tend to focus on one subject with resources sorted into a smaller number of highly related categories. Categories need to be well thought out. A general web directory will have its resources sorted into a large number of categories covering a wide range of topics. The directory needs to be easy to navigate and have similar categories that need to be grouped together.

Yellow Pages India
Keywords are another vital element. The more directories a site is submitted to, the more inbound links it receives and therefore the higher the Pagerank. Using keywords properly is an important part of a great web directory. Just pasting in a web address for each listing will not do justice to the listing. With the advent of search engines as the preferred method for finding internet resources the importance of directories as information providers has diminished. Choose either the business or site main name or even the type of product, but make sure it is unique.

Business Directory India
These qualities together will help you separate the quality directories. If a site hasn’t been indexed by a search engine yet then adding a site to a web directory can be a good way of getting your site noticed. The directory needs to be updated frequently with any bad links marked and removed. Keeping the directory up to date and will keeps traffic returning. Web directories are regularly crawled so it’s more likely to be picked up by a search engine quickly. The website directory that contains all of these characteristics together is of higher quality and that is the web directory you want. A human editor will review the suggestion and add it to the directory provided it meets the submission guidelines for the directory. A directory like this can drive traffic and page strength to your site.

Building Influential Sites That Boosts Profits

To achieve something in your internet business, you could do with a website designed just for that - a regular, focused website. One that's painless to design, low-priced, believable, and a great traffic-builder and customer-converter. The quality of your web copywriting plays a big role.

Possessing the best tool and the right merchandise in themselves does not guarantee the success of your website. There are a lot of things to be contemplated while designing a website. Sorry to say, nearly all of these are overlooked by online business owners... So here are some copywriting tips to help.

1. Construct To Load Speedily

It is a reality of modern life - everyone are in a scurry. This means that you get between 10 and 30 seconds to secure your potential customer's interest. To decrease your load time, maintain images small.

2. Focus On One Market

Recognize who your market is and check that your site gratifies to their desires. It is key that your web site replicate the values of your potential customers. Is your market ordinarily corporate experts? If so, the site have to be fresh. Is your product intended generally for young people and young adults? Then your site ought to be more relaxed. The key here is to understand your market and develop a site to their liking.

3. Focus On One Goal

Double-check that your web site is concentrated on the objective, advertising your product or service. A web site presenting many unconnected products will not inevitably fail, but this is frequently the case. If your business does offer many products, dedicate a unique webpage for every one instead of struggling to push them all from one page.

4. Navigation ought to be uncomplicated

Uncomplicated and effective navigation increases the convenience of your prospects. Utilize robust search and catalog features. Nearly everytime many visitors do not have the persistence to navigate through the whole site to get hold of what they are on the lookout for.

5. Make certain your web site is interactive and personalized

Utilize feedback forms in addition to email forms that assist your soon-to-be clients ask questions they may perhaps have regarding to your product.

Personalization of your website is another fundamental factor that can lead to customer enjoyment and can amplify your sales. Personalization technology would give you an idea of what products to cross-sell and up-sell. For example, when someone purchases a car, car accessories can also be offered.

These eight, straightforward rules will go a long way in the direction of improving your website and most importantly, transform visitors into regulars.

Want more web copywriting tips like these?