Subject: The Guru's are about to get their butt kicked..



Why Internet Marketing need's

'Slapped' and why it's time to



      - by Andrew Fox


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I can remember it all too clearly..


Back in 1999, when I began my

journey online there were only 5-10

'experts' in Internet Marketing.


It was a wonderful place to live

in, a safe environment where you

could work and breathe without

being poisoned with some hyped

up product.


Fast forward and the industry,

started to change. The 'sharks'

smelt blood and entered our

market place and started

destroying the industry..


What happened?


Simple really...


Greed. Products upon products

started to filter into the market

place like a tidal wave - relentless

and not caring about the damage

it left in it's wake...


People running up HUGE debts

on credit cards, in some cases

taking equity out of their homes

just to become another victim of

a vicious scam.


I monitored everything, my blood

boiling every second of the day

until it was too much.


That was when the 'Guru Slayer'

was born - a guide created for

an ordinary person to follow a

step by step plan online.


Not hype, not fluff or any BS. Short,

sharp, crisp and to the point.

No high price tag, no hard



I only hope it will help the market

place return to the state we

once had it in...


Warm Regards,


Andrew Fox




Andrew Fox has been marketing online

since 1999. His latest product the

'Guru Slayer' fights back against a

polluted industry that has destroyed

the lives on many. See his story at


Free free to reproduce this article to

your own website/ ezine list.



Write Top Attention Grabing Headlines

The headline is unquestionably the most important factor in most advertising.

Likewise, it is also the most important element of any selling message "live or recorded, in person or by phone, audio or video" your company ever uses.

It is the opening sentence or paragraph you use in any sales letter or written communication you ever send out to customers, prospects, suppliers or staff. It's the first words you or your sales persons utter, when they engage anyone in a sales presentation or one-on-one meeting.

Likewise, the "headline," or its "equivalent," are the first phrases you begin your conversation with when a customer or prospect comes in or calls in. It is also the first phrases you state when making a commercial or when meeting people at trade show booth.

The purpose of a headline is to attract your prospect's ATTENTION. When I say your prospect, I mean that your headline must direct precisely whom you want to reach your target market. For example, if you wish to reach homeowners, put the word "homeowners" in the headline.

The headline should serve as an ad for your ad. It should tell the reader immediately and clearly the essence of what you're trying to say in the body copy. The headline must provide the reader with a Big Benefit or Big Promise. So, create a headline that tells the right people the benefit you are offering them.

When you write or decide upon your headline or it's equivalent, you have spent at least 80 cents out of your dollar. Stated differently, 80% of your outcome-four fifths of your result... all but 20% of the success of your selling effort is effected positively or negatively by how and what you convey in the beginning.

A change of headline can make a 20 times improvement in response or acceptance by your prospect customer. Every headline or opening statement should appeal to the prospect's or reader's or listener's self-interest. It has to promise him or her a desirable, powerful and appealing benefit. If possible, try to inject "news" value or "educational" value into the headline also.

You may Download a Free copy of the "100 Greatest Headlines Ever Writen" by JayAbraham and learn how you can use these headlines to improve your copywriting and maximize your sales conversions.

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Joint Venture Marketing: Exchanging Expertise to Build Your Relationships

A joint venture marketing partnership can be an extremely successful way to raise awareness for your business, as well as gaining new clients that will help further your business. Once you decide that a joint venture partnership is what you want to pursue, there are several ways to go about developing this plan. There are several fundamental considerations to undertake before you get started with your new partnerships.

Develop Sound Business Practices

The mundane day-to-day activities that are vital to the success of a business are not the sexy and fun aspects that most people want to consider when thinking about undertaking a new partnership, but these banal activities are often the keys to a successful business.

For instance, you should already have sound accounting practices in place, as should your potential marketing partners. If you have a better stronghold and establishment in terms of accounting essentials than your prospective partner does, this may ultimately hurt your business.

However, part of the goal in your new partnerships is to learn from the areas of expertise that your business partner possesses, and vice versa. The aim of any partnership is to learn and grow from the expertise of your partners, and to help inform one another’s business decisions.

If for instance, you know that one of your partners does not currently employ sound accounting principles and practices, but they have been upfront with you about this shortcoming and expressed a desire to straighten out their accounting practices as a function of their partnership with you, then this is something you can work with.

You may not have a sound website or client list developed, but have solid accounting practices in place - then you can benefit from a partner who may not have sound accounting principles in place, but who has a cutting edge website and solid client roster. If your partner does have shortcomings, this is acceptable as long as they are shortcomings that compliment your own strengths. Part of the purpose of a joint venture marketing partnership is to inform one another, and to gain knowledge and experience from one another’s areas of expertise.

Build Learning into your Operations

The formation of your new partnerships is a learning process. Do not expect everything to be perfect and go smoothly all at the beginning. Like any new venture or relationship, it takes time to work out the kinks and to get on the same page with your prospective partners. This should not be viewed as a draw back, but merely part of the normal, logical process. All relationships are a constant learning processes - constantly evolving and ever fluid.

Keep in mind that a stagnant business relationship is a doomed business relationship. You may experience friction with your joint venture marketing partners, but this is all part of the evolutionary learning process.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture Marketing & Consulting firm empowering business owners to discover and implement Integration, Alliance, and Joint Venture marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges and increase profits. To read more articles related to Joint Venture Marketing, please go to his Joint Venture Blog Site. He can be reached at

Business Card's Your Secret Weapon

The old business cards has been around for a ages and can be found amongst heaps of business people. Cheap Business cards as they used to be know were also acting as a type of advertising and map to direct customers to there merchants Place of Business. Today a business card is something that every business man has on hand as it still is an important marketing tool.

These cards are very powerful tools. Your business cards needs to have a designed so that it is keeping its purpose mindfull, good design and your name, address, contact numbers and the services you are providing is an absolute necessity.

When creating a business card with photo try to use glossy paper to ensure once it is printed the card looks as good as what he had on the computer. If you are disappointed with the result of the photo colour gone wrong how can you expect your clients not to be.

Something worth remebering when designing a card with background colour or images is to make sure that all images and text is off the edge of the card. Or that the paper you use have gaps between them, this will make up for the unavoidable elusiveness printer paper system. But be warned a printer imprecision's can destroy you business card and you will have to start from the beginning again.

Many times Glossy paper is not a good choice if you are using a laser printer as this could damage your printer. But the better looking your business card is, the more likely it is that people will keep it as a reference and the better for you and your business.

There are many ways for you to distributing your cards. Many cheap business cards are handed out during meetings, conventions, tradeshow but if you get creative you can also place them in and with your products, sending out the cards amongst products or staple or tie them to the product that has been gift wrapped.

Don't forget that your business card is your secret weapon and can be your best salesman, always keep a few on hand as you never know where your next potential customer is going to come from, you need to know how to utilize these possibilities to your advantage.

7 Copywriting Tips To Think Up An Irresistible Offer

One of the most critical piece of web copywriting is an appealing offer. Nil can be sold devoid of an a powerful offer.

I would say that an a tempting offer is more critical than a convincing sales letter. Here're some copywriting tips: Before you even write a word of your web copy, first craft an appealing offer or you'll not accomplish the rightful possibility of your sales letter.

So here are some copywriting tips to assist you craft an enticing:

1. A compelling offer has a clear promotion point. What do you offer that your customers can get just from you?

2. Competitors are just a click away and the majority of the people are plain impatient so you have to make certain you display your offer where your customers can immediately detect it.

3. The agony that your product resolve has to be bigger than the sting your prospect has to sustain for giving money. If they prefer live with a sting then squandering cash, you are evidently not going to sell anything.

4. Your offer have got to be straightforwardly understood. This is rather evident yet many persons totally fail to notice this. If nobody values what you are aiming to sell, then nobody will buy it.

If your offer is complicated, then ensure to make things easier. Give explanation in point form, precisely what does your product get done.

5. Your customers should relate to the offer. Now and then people just cannot relate to whatyou are offering.

For instance, instead of saying 30 meters you can say 3 football field wide. For folks who are football fanatics, the term "3 football field wide" communicates a a good deal stronger significance.

6. Your offer must be risk-free. Risk is a barrier in every purchase decision. If prospects must take risk to buy your product, there is a fair likelihood they will not buy.

7. Any person can make a promise but only only some are able to keep them. For your offer to in fact create an impact, it must be believable. This is where recommendations and testimonials come in.

There, 7 copywriting tips to craft an an enticing offer. Remember, an offer is the heart of any business. When the offer is clear, no other trickery is necessary.

12 Copywriting Tips To Increase Subscriptions

It does not have a bearing how much browsers you direct to your website, if they don't buy anything, then you do not earn any revenue. Thus here are a dozen web copywriting tips to boost your sign-ups...

But before I go into the specifics, why subscriptions? Why not just try to sell? That's an excellent question. Here is the answer: Studies have made known that just an extremely low percentage of browsers to your website buy on their first visit. Really, it takes around 7 subsequent selling before they actually purchase something. It is, therefore, crucial you secure your visitor's contact details to follow up soon after.

Now that you get the why, let's go on to the how. Here are the web copywriting tips to skyrocket sign-ups:

1. Always, always keep your forms as brief as possible. Whatever information you don't have to have at that moment in the conversion process, don't ask for it. Succint forms convert greater than lengthy forms... everytime.

2. If you require a lengthy form, break it up into short steps but not more than 5 tiny sections. In my private analysis, I discovered separating up long forms into small forms grow my subscriptions by more or less 5% but as soon as it hits 6 parts, people tend to dump the form perhaps deeming it is never going to conclude.

3. If you certainly have got to employ lengthy lengthy forms that splits into over 5 parts, employ a progress bar to let them know at what time they can complete the form...

4. If there're any information that are not important but would be advatageous to have (for analytics ), inform your prospects it is optional.

5. Reveal your privacy policy very obviously in your form. If you have paid assurance services ( such as BBB), make certain you display their badge.

6. Take away that "clear" button if you still boast one because normal people don't ordinarily fill in lengthy forms with wrong information. What people at times do, is click the wrong button, cleared everyone of the information, grow upset and leave cursing you for placing that button there. Thus unless you are looking ahead to other animals than people to complete your form, it is best practice for your subscription rate if you take it away.

7. As for your "submit" button, tag it something else. Use terms like, "buy now to get your report free of charge" or "Why Not! Give me my free e-book!"

8. Plus do not use ordinary buttons, employ graphics as your buttons to catch additional interest.

9. You must make sure readers know your form exist and the 2 techniques I suggest to do that are: using a unique background color for your form or use illustrations to attract concentration.

10. If you do using concentration to attract notice to your forms, take care that the images are relevant to your website.

11. Lastly, build it as easy for your browsers to complete the form as possible. Don't place constraints on the way they are supposed to write their information. For example, I encountered numerous forms that needed me to complete my address in a pre-defined format. Obviously, it made me frustrated when they did not convey to me which format they desire. And incidentally...

12. If you do want a particular format, clarify what you desire and why!

Want more copywriting tips? Then you should defintiely check out some of the killer web copywriting secrets I share here.

How To Spike Sales By Diminishing Your Work

Would you throw away your busy life filling up an extended membership form purchase a sticky tape on the internet? I know I wouldn’t. Whoever is selling it is obviously short of web copywriting skills.

I would press "back" and hunt for their competitor's website.

But how many occasions have you been given no choice but to do just that when you purchase something? Loads! And if you want to obtain an edge against your competitor, make it easier for your prospects to navigate and purchase your product. Here are some copywriting tips you must memorize:

1. make certain that your website are simple to look at. White background and black words are what people are used to reading therefore do not turn "artisitic" and use red words with black paper as an alternative.

2. Ensure your font are easy to read. Stick to the the predictable, such as verdana and you’ll be fine.

3. Ensure your forms are not too lengthy, like the example I pointed out above. Collect only information you require at that period.

4. Categorize. There is a reason why stoes have enormous signs pointing to shoppers where to get a merchandise and why libraries have digital catalogs where you can acquire the book you desire. The reason is most of us suck (and too lazy) at searching for what we desire! Categorizing your post makes it effortless for users to locate them.

5. Do not give prospects a reason to click back and run off. From time to time I still face a "clear" button exactly next to the "submit" button at the conclusion of a long form. Why would anyone do that is outside my appreciation. You do not want to put it there! It is exceedingly rare for a person to complete the whole form with incorrect data! It’s more probable for him to click the wrong button, gets annoyed and disappear.

So there, 5 simple web usability (a tiny element of web copywriting ) issue that you must always bear in mind when building your next website... if you wish for some buyers that is.

7 Stages To A Persuasive Sales Copy

When most readers learn about kick-ass copy writing courses, they are sarching for a quick fix to their problem. Various small changes that have big result. I'm sure you are and there's nothing incorrect with looking for quick fixes. In fact, it can be one of the greatest things that to your sales letter. But these tips doesn't work 100% of the time. Occasionally these tricks increases the profitability of your sales copy, sometimes they crash. Sorry to say, the excruciating fact is, they fail 99% of the time and when that becomes reality, it costs you. Be it energy, capital or effort. It's kind of gambling if you ask me.

Now, let me ask you, isn't it so much better to follow proven guidelines? Steps that you can follow to write a magnum opus? In this articlle, I'll let you take a peek at the exact procedures I follow to construct sales copies so influential, it gets buyers to you instead of you looking for them.

1. Never think other's testing results as collectively accurate. How regularlys have you read a book on copywriting or attend a seminar where the guru talk about his test result? How commonly have you been influenced to copy them? Don't do it! Halt because those "tricks" work out in his environment and not yours. Paradoxically, result sharing moments is precisely when the attendees are sitting on the edge of the chair throughout the whole seminar. I hate to be the one to inform you that there's no replacement to testing yourself.

2. In no way you should commence promotion before you have a testing system prepared, even if you think your sales copy is "proven" to sell. Testing is the sole method to guarantee your web copy do not fail. If it doesn't succeed, you can put a break to it before it drives to you bankruptcy and use your control to stop the failure.

3. Discover a hungry market and fill the demand. Most entrepreneurs erroneously conduct their business the other way round. They create a revolutionary product and assumed people will come rushing to purchase them. They're wrong! It's simpler to fill an existing demand than to initiate a new one. How to find out if there's enough demand? Do a little keyword investigation and see if there's sufficient searches done in major search engines. Straightforward and effective.

4. Recognize your customers and perform your study. Discover what grabs their attention them and what doesn't. This is of utmost because, people do not want what is sound for them, they want what allows them feel good! Don't even think ofproposing your propspects what you consider they should want. Give them what they want. Whenever you discover yourself telling people what's best for them, then you are lecturing, not pitching.

5. Come up with a heading that halt readers instantly. I believe you've read a "best heading" or "best words for headlines" list. They can be pretty helpful but that's not where your attention should be. Again, your focus should be on your target customer's burning desires and do not try to appear like someone other than yourself. Your web copy should give the impression like you're seated in front of them, discussing in cinversation straight with them. As any good copywriters would tell you, crafting a compelling headline is key to your sales copy's success.

6. Create an powerful offer. Your offer is way more crucial than your web copy itself. If I'm selling a mint genuine gold Rolex for a measly $100, would you accept my offer? I think I just made my point. Add to the value of your product so great that price suddenly isn't an matter any longer.

7. All of the last 6 steps would be useless if you don't apply step 7. This is the most vital tactic you must include or you'll never succeed. Gary Halbert used to questioned the attendees of a seminar that if they are promoting hot dogs and if there's a core benefit they can have over their competitors, what would it be? They produced with numerous great answers that covers better stand, more delicious hot dogs, busier site, and least expensive on price hot dogs. But Gary halbert declared, "My advantage will surely be better all of you!" Can you guess what is it??

It's starving people! If he can get his hot dog stand in front of a starving bunch of people would it have a bearing if his shop is old and his hot dogs suck? The point is, get the approriate reader to read your sales letter! Promoting to the entire world is expensive and useless. Additionally, un-targeted readers, can potentially twist your test results.

Follow all the 7 steps, and you practically can't fail.

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5 Serious Copywriting Errors To Avoid

If you surf around the internet for sometime and take not of a variety web copies in a series of markets, you'll promptly notice that nearly all don't get what they're doing. They are playing around at best.

This piece of writing's aim is to remedy the 5 most extensive bloopers I come upon in web copywriting rduring 9 years of my profession.

Here are some copywriting tips:

1. The first deadly mistake is not grabbing email addresses. You may have gethered it but "the money is in the list"!

2. The subsequent serious blunder is not utilizing a squeeze page to ask for those email addresses. Squeeze pages outshine whatever other pages... when it involve securing emails. Seeing as the cash in the back-end is considerably larger than the priginal sale, a confirmed email address is maybe more significant than that one-time sale. While you may undergo a minute dive in sales, the amount of profits you will bring in by emailing those additional prospects will widely previal them.

3. Nearly everyone are too occupied when it concerns our research. That is critical mistake number 3. Not doing your research blinds you from the genuine yearning of your customer. You will never persuade them to accomplish anything if you cannot concentrate those wishes to your item... and how can you direct those longing if are not aware of it.

4. Not having a persuasive call-to-action is blunder number 4. How many times have you experienced a situation when you're ready to purchase but can't discover where to do it. This kind of problem takes place more often than you assume, mainly if the website is not operating a sales copy design. Complicated navigation often add to this difficulty by confusing prospects of where to click.

5. Notable web copywriters disregard copywriting "rules" repeatedly. To 100% know what's operating best for you, you have to track and test your sales letter. I've known various novice copywriters who are too lazy to put in place a testing procedure. They felt that if they followed all the rules and deem other people's test outcome as their consequence, they can craft a powerful web copy. They never seem to make any profit.

Joint Venture Marketing: A Legitimate Shortcut

The term “shortcut,” particularly in business, is often considered to be almost as offensive as four-letter word. But when it comes to building a successful marketing platform for your Internet business, setting up shortcuts to make your work easier and more successful is indeed a good business strategy.

Joint venture marketing offers just such a legitimate shortcut that can decrease your workload and increase your profits. Forming a joint venture marketing partnership is an excellent way to breathe new life into your marketing strategy if you are in a bit of a rut or just entering into the marketplace. 

Joint venture marketing is a strategy where your business forms relationships and partnerships with other companies who can assist with advertising and getting the word out to their clients about your business, products and services.  You, in turn, do the same for their company. A joint venture marketing partnership is a mutual, reciprocal arrangement where both parties benefit equally from the arrangement.

Exponential Results

Joint venture partnerships can incorporate more than two companies, and the more companies you incorporate into your platform, the more results these partnerships have the potential to yield.

Of course, you don’t want to involve so many companies that managing the joint venture partnerships become overwhelming, but keep in mind that the more businesses you do incorporate into your strategy, the more contacts and clients you have the potential to reach. This gives you the potential for results that are exponentially proportionate to the results you could achieve either on your own, or with just one joint venture marketing partnership.

Building Strong Relationships

Joint venture marketing is a subset of the relationship-marketing platform, in which customer relationships are put at the forefront of the company’s concerns and attention. In a joint venture marketing partnership, client relationships are still the central focus, but you simultaneously develop relationships with other businesses as a way to expand and further your client relationships. A successful joint venture marketing partnership has the potential to significantly increase your client base, and the stronger your relationships with your joint venture partners, the more potential for an increased client base you will gain.

We all tend to go the extra mile for people we like or care about - it is simple human nature. Relationships are the focal point for all marketing platforms, and the stronger your relationships are with your partners, the more you are likely to get out of the relationships. This is a somewhat calculated maneuver, but it is something that develops naturally. You are not pretending to like people you don’t - it’s a matter of giving your partners extra attention and taking the time to get to know them on a personal level, as well as on a business front, which will help to enhance your professional relationship and bottom line. Forming a strong network of joint venture partners is a savvy way to increase your business, and a valid shortcut to gaining a wider client base.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture Marketing & Consulting firm empowering business owners to discover and implement Integration, Alliance, and Joint Venture marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges and increase profits. To read more articles related to Joint Venture Marketing, please go to his Joint Venture Blog Site. He can be reached at

Using E-books to Market Your Business

Creating an e-book is an easy way to get you feet wet in t world of internet marketing.

With a few tips below you should not need to delay writing your own any longer. Of course if you aren't a very accomplished writer you may want to employ someone to do the writing for you or just help out with other material.

The subject of your e-book is quite easy to work out if you have an interest in a specific area, why not write some articles and get the feed back on whether people are willing to pay for this information. Why not start by writing a range of articles which will not only help you with your writing practice but they can be used to get interest in the book you are compiling.

Post several articles on various websites, as well as on the article directories and the number of views your articles receive will show you what potential your book has for making sales.

The overall structure can be a work in progress while the article content is being written. Books generally follow a familiar structure of: introduction, main subject content and a conclusion but it is becoming very common to see an additional section on resources. Consider writing several more articles as a bonus because adding this as a bonus will enhance your sales.

On completing each article, insert it into the e-book because this is a good way to see just how many you will need. If you want someone to actually read your e-book, it can't be too long so keep it informative and around fifty pages in length. Because it's more difficult to read on your computer screen than on the page, ensure that there's no information that essentially useless to your reader.

If you want to give further value to your e-book then why not research some additional information which you can add as a bonus. This can be some additional articles you have written to another short report. The bonus material should really have a value all of its own and be directly related to the topic of the e-book.

Posting to forums brings fantastic results

You have decided to build your fortune with an online business and you have designed a fabulous website, produced a bunch of products to sell and now you are just waiting for the customers to show up and reach for their credit cards to make you dreams come true. You wait, wait and wait some more but no one shows up.

How discouraging it that? It seems that no one ever told the majority of new online business people that the most important aspect of internet business is not the glitz at all but the down and dirty chore of getting prospective customers to their site.

Advertise, Advertise and Advertise some more. Posting on Forums will bring visitors by increasing your sites rank and that allows those searching for your type of material to find your site.

You will be shocked at this budget secret. Doesn't matter how much you have to spend it is always the same If your budget is $100 the breakdown should be as follows:

1. Site $10

2. Inventory $10

3. Advertising $80

It didn't make much sense to me then but I have come to realize that he was right. No advertising no sales but how do you advertise on the internet? One of the many answers to that question is to post on Forums that pertain to your product niche.

* Why use forums?

Think about it for a minute, where can you find the largest number of prospective customers interested in your product? On forums!They are talking about your niche!

And there are lots of them, take a look at the forums for your niche. If you were involved in selling golf balls for instance, a Google search shows 1,840,000 golf forums that are filled with golf nuts that could be your customers simply by posting to the forum with a link to your site!

Could you handle all those customers.

You can use this method to bring prospects to your site no matter what you are promoting. Affiliate forum marketing, General forums, discussion forums, game forums, internet marketing forum, seo forums, software forums, video game forums all might be good places to get familiar with forums and posting to them.

Posting to forums is too hard?

Lets be realistic, to post to just a fraction of the forums available would take a bunch of time. It is possible to eat this elephant a small bite at a time by organizing a list of forums and posting to a few per day. That would sooner or later have the desired effect of building the back links you need to bring customers to your site but if you are like me I want the results yesterday so you are going to need to have something that will accomplish this task in a quicker fashion.

* Is there a quicker way to post to forums?

Most of these software programs cost an arm and a leg. What we need is a software product that will do the majority of the work but keep the cost within my reach.

There are several if not many software products that fill the bill but I use Forum Submitter Pro. It is cheap and easy to use.

* How do I use a posting to increase my back links

A simple link to your site with the sites main keyword does the trick. If you were posting to a golf site you might ask a generic question and place the link to your golf site below your name.

For example: "Question: Is it a good idea to recommend to have clubs fit to you? If so who should fit them?

Jerry Hubbard using a regular href link and the term Great golf tips

Your sites main keyword is Golf Tips and so Google really likes it when someone clicks the link. This builds the best links for ranking. A link from a relevant site is money in the bank.

One other great benefit of creating back links through the use of posting to relevant forums is that so few website owners will take the time and effort to do it. The competition will never know what hit them.

Naturally, forum posting is only one of many methods to build traffic to your site but it is one of the very best. If you try it you will like the results.

Get more forum posting info here

Jerry Hubbard is a full time business owner of several websites and an interested student of all types of marketing methods.

Joint Venture Marketing: Reducing the Costs of Your Advertising

A joint venture marketing partnership is an enterprise undertaken by two or more people or companies, who typically share the expense, and ideally the profits, created by their union. Joint venture marketing agreements do not create new business organizations or third party companies from their union - the idea is for two, or several parties to come together to share ideas, expertise, clients and contacts.

Advertising Joint Ventures

One of the most popular types of joint venture marketing partnerships involves a sharing of advertising space. This can take several forms:

  • Trading space on your partners website for space on your site
  • Pooling resources to purchase ad space
  • Selling space on your website to your partners

Trading Ad Space

Forming a joint venture marketing relationship where the venture involves trading space for website advertising is fairly straightforward. If you have only one partner, you would swap an equal amount of space on your website for advertising for your partners company, and receive the same amount of advertising space on their website in return.

These types of partnerships are mutually beneficial to both parties and usually don’t require an upfront investment of capital.  The same principle holds with more than two partners - each partner would be granted ad space on each of the respective websites of their joint venture marketing partners. This can be a highly beneficial arrangement at very little cost or risk - you could expand your advertising capabilities several times over and reach more people than you would independently. This is also a valuable resource because you will often be able to reach a niche of people that you would not be able to reach solely through your own website advertising.

Purchasing Joint Ad Space

Forming a joint venture marketing partnership where you pool financial resources to purchase advertising space is a valuable way to achieve the high-profile exposure of a paid ad, with a decreased expense. Advertising space, whether on a website or in print, is usually sold in increments of three or four spaces per page. This, of course, will depend on the publication - some will sell as little one sixth or one eights of a page, and you always have the option to purchase a full-page ad.

It is more cost-effective to pool resources with a joint venture partner to purchase ad space because it is cheaper to buy a larger chunk of advertising space, even if it will be used for different ads, than it would be to purchase each advertising spot separately.  

Selling Website Space

Selling ad space on your own company’s website can be a profitable way to raise revenue for your company. If you have already made an agreement to trade ad space with a joint venture partner, but they would like additional space, you may charge them a fee.

Another option is always to sell space on your website in the open market to companies with whom you do not as of yet have a joint venture marketing partnership, and this can also increase your professional contact list and increase the potential for future joint venture marketing partnerships.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture Marketing & Consulting firm empowering business owners to discover and implement Integration, Alliance, and Joint Venture marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges and increase profits. To read more articles related to Joint Venture Marketing, please go to his Joint Venture Blog Site. He can be reached at