0800 Numbers or 0845 Numbers: Which is Best?

0845 numbers and 0800 numbers are useful for businesses of all sizes. Both number ranges allow firms to keep one telephone number for life.Both are also a great incentive for customers to call more often, increasing business and developing customer loyalty.  However, there are key differences between the two number ranges that businesses should consider. What do you want to use the number for?  If you are looking for a telephone number to use in your marketing and advertising then 0800 numbers are the clear winner. 0800 numbers are totally free for your potential customers, meaning that you will receive more sales/enquiries to the number that you have promoted.
For companies looking for a main contact number, 0845 prefixes could be the ideal solution. 0800 numbers actively encourage customers to call because they are free, but 0845 numbers are not free.   You might think this would minimise their popularity, but they are in fact the UK’s most popular number range. When they were first introduced, 0845 numbers were known as ‘local rate’ numbers, though this is not strictly the case any more given the rise of inclusive call packages offered by mobile and landline providers.  However, BT has recently made 0845 numbers free to call for its 16 million residential landline customers, so the cost barrier has been removed for many consumers.
Overall, both 0845 numbers and 0800 numbers are great ways to improve business communications. Both number ranges give you more control and flexibility over your phone systems and each has its own advantages.0845 numbers and 0800 numbers are different tools and should be carefully selected to suit your business needs.  0800 numbers will definitelyencourage responses from ad campaigns for example, whether they are direct mail or above the line display ads.  0800 numbers also tend to convey  the impression that you really are committed to your customer far more effectively.