Write Top Attention Grabing Headlines

The headline is unquestionably the most important factor in most advertising.

Likewise, it is also the most important element of any selling message "live or recorded, in person or by phone, audio or video" your company ever uses.

It is the opening sentence or paragraph you use in any sales letter or written communication you ever send out to customers, prospects, suppliers or staff. It's the first words you or your sales persons utter, when they engage anyone in a sales presentation or one-on-one meeting.

Likewise, the "headline," or its "equivalent," are the first phrases you begin your conversation with when a customer or prospect comes in or calls in. It is also the first phrases you state when making a commercial or when meeting people at trade show booth.

The purpose of a headline is to attract your prospect's ATTENTION. When I say your prospect, I mean that your headline must direct precisely whom you want to reach your target market. For example, if you wish to reach homeowners, put the word "homeowners" in the headline.

The headline should serve as an ad for your ad. It should tell the reader immediately and clearly the essence of what you're trying to say in the body copy. The headline must provide the reader with a Big Benefit or Big Promise. So, create a headline that tells the right people the benefit you are offering them.

When you write or decide upon your headline or it's equivalent, you have spent at least 80 cents out of your dollar. Stated differently, 80% of your outcome-four fifths of your result... all but 20% of the success of your selling effort is effected positively or negatively by how and what you convey in the beginning.

A change of headline can make a 20 times improvement in response or acceptance by your prospect customer. Every headline or opening statement should appeal to the prospect's or reader's or listener's self-interest. It has to promise him or her a desirable, powerful and appealing benefit. If possible, try to inject "news" value or "educational" value into the headline also.

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