Posting to forums brings fantastic results

You have decided to build your fortune with an online business and you have designed a fabulous website, produced a bunch of products to sell and now you are just waiting for the customers to show up and reach for their credit cards to make you dreams come true. You wait, wait and wait some more but no one shows up.

How discouraging it that? It seems that no one ever told the majority of new online business people that the most important aspect of internet business is not the glitz at all but the down and dirty chore of getting prospective customers to their site.

Advertise, Advertise and Advertise some more. Posting on Forums will bring visitors by increasing your sites rank and that allows those searching for your type of material to find your site.

You will be shocked at this budget secret. Doesn't matter how much you have to spend it is always the same If your budget is $100 the breakdown should be as follows:

1. Site $10

2. Inventory $10

3. Advertising $80

It didn't make much sense to me then but I have come to realize that he was right. No advertising no sales but how do you advertise on the internet? One of the many answers to that question is to post on Forums that pertain to your product niche.

* Why use forums?

Think about it for a minute, where can you find the largest number of prospective customers interested in your product? On forums!They are talking about your niche!

And there are lots of them, take a look at the forums for your niche. If you were involved in selling golf balls for instance, a Google search shows 1,840,000 golf forums that are filled with golf nuts that could be your customers simply by posting to the forum with a link to your site!

Could you handle all those customers.

You can use this method to bring prospects to your site no matter what you are promoting. Affiliate forum marketing, General forums, discussion forums, game forums, internet marketing forum, seo forums, software forums, video game forums all might be good places to get familiar with forums and posting to them.

Posting to forums is too hard?

Lets be realistic, to post to just a fraction of the forums available would take a bunch of time. It is possible to eat this elephant a small bite at a time by organizing a list of forums and posting to a few per day. That would sooner or later have the desired effect of building the back links you need to bring customers to your site but if you are like me I want the results yesterday so you are going to need to have something that will accomplish this task in a quicker fashion.

* Is there a quicker way to post to forums?

Most of these software programs cost an arm and a leg. What we need is a software product that will do the majority of the work but keep the cost within my reach.

There are several if not many software products that fill the bill but I use Forum Submitter Pro. It is cheap and easy to use.

* How do I use a posting to increase my back links

A simple link to your site with the sites main keyword does the trick. If you were posting to a golf site you might ask a generic question and place the link to your golf site below your name.

For example: "Question: Is it a good idea to recommend to have clubs fit to you? If so who should fit them?

Jerry Hubbard using a regular href link and the term Great golf tips

Your sites main keyword is Golf Tips and so Google really likes it when someone clicks the link. This builds the best links for ranking. A link from a relevant site is money in the bank.

One other great benefit of creating back links through the use of posting to relevant forums is that so few website owners will take the time and effort to do it. The competition will never know what hit them.

Naturally, forum posting is only one of many methods to build traffic to your site but it is one of the very best. If you try it you will like the results.

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Jerry Hubbard is a full time business owner of several websites and an interested student of all types of marketing methods.

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