Joint Venture Marketing: A Better Investment than the Stock Market

If you run a small online business, joint venture marketing is an excellent way for you to raise awareness for your business and its products, while boosting sales and gaining new clients - all often without any monetary investment. Joint venture marketing is also a psychologically positive marketing platform because it is based on mutual trust and respect, and symbiotic business relationships where the growth of all involved parties is fostered.

The Fundamental Basics of JV Marketing

A joint venture marketing partnership is a formal or informal business arrangement between one or more companies, where all parties involved benefit from the experience, knowledge and expertise of the other parties.  Joint venture marketing is a subset of a relationship marketing platform, where client relationships are the center focus of your marketing scheme.

In joint venture marketing, your business partner relationships are on par in terms of importance with your client relationship. This elevates the importance of relationships to include those of your businesses associates, as well as your clients.

Help During Difficult Times

Aside from many business advantages, such as shared information and marketing costs when applicable, joint venture marketing also has a positive psychological impact on the participants who enter into such an agreement. Both the businesses entering into the partnership, as well as the clients and customers who are touched by these relationships benefit in a positive way.

From a business standpoint, a joint venture marketing partnership relays a sense of security to its members because there are others to fall back on. Having a network of business owners that you trust and have developed a strong relationship with can be extremely important during a difficult time for your company. Most businesses have been affected by the recent economic crises. If you are operating a solo marketing strategy, these global difficulties can leave you feeling frightened, frustrated and alone.

A joint venture marketing partnership allows you to share the burden of a difficult time, and get advice from your fellow partners who may have ideas on how to proceed with your business. These angles and opinions are something you would not be privy to without this type of partnership.  Certainly you can always ask another business associate for advice or an opinion. But a joint venture marketing partner will be invested in how your company performs, and most likely you’ll develop a strong personal and professional relationship over time. A joint venture marketing partner of yours will give you more thoughtful, true advice since the success of your business may potentially affect theirs.

There is also the added piece of a personal feeling and relationship that has most likely developed with your joint venture marketing partners. People are always more concerned for and willing to help those people that they care about and have developed a personal relationship with—it’s just human nature. A joint venture marketing partnership will give you increased business security, as well as increased psychological security because such a partnership will provide you with other experts to fall back on in times of market unrest.

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