Paid Or Free Email Autoresponder?

Searching for an autoresponder software for your business? Or you still cannot decide which version to go for?

Most people starting out online do not understand nor grasp the power of email marketing. They do not recognise the significance of having an autoresponder in their business and hence often took a look at the prices of autoresponders online and felt too expensive to pay. So they rather opt to search and use a free email autoresponder for their marketing needs in their business.

That is a pretty bad idea.

Imagine working so hard to get leads into your list and you definitely want to be able to follow up with the subscribers with emails using email autoresponders. More often than not, free autoresponders come with certain conditions for use and may have many important features taken away. This is the cost you have to pay.

However, using free autoresponders is acceptable in certain situations. Honestly, having an autoresponder beats not using an autoresponder hands down when you are in the world of internet marketing! So unless you are not doing well and cannot afford an autoresponder, do at least use a free one.

Here are some tips if you are looking for a free autoresponder :

  • First and foremost, you can start by looking at your webhosting account. You can check with them to see if they provide any autoresponder that you can use for free. You can see if they are available by simply logging into your control panel of your website. These are better than most of the free automatic responders out there in any case. The free auto responders most likely than not, will contain unwanted ads.

  • If your webhosting do not have autoresponders provided, you can still look for the numerous free autresponders available online. The only disadvantage is that these autoresponder software usually will place a small advertisement in each of the email message that you send out in order for them to make money out of giving a free autoresponder! Sometimes these messages appear on top or at the bottom of your email messages.

  • You can also try out the free version of autoresponders provided by those paid auto responder companies. Depending on the company, the free version may or may not have the advertisements and for sure, some of the more powerful features of the paid version will be left out. Plus, there is a likelihood that they may limit the number of subscribers you can have.

Thus many people start out with the limited free versions, and then upgrade to the paid versions once their lists are large enough to exceed those limits. Many marketers don’t feel that the expense of the autoresponder is warranted until the list that they are building is turning a nice profit.

If you look at this from a business standpoint, it may make more sense in the short run.

Thus, you must decide whether you need a paid autoresponder service, or if a free one will suffice for you. Your list is small? Then a free autoresponder should do everything that you need it to do at the moment. But do take note that as your list grows, you should definitely consider upgrading.

More often than not, most business owners realize that the small advertisements that the free services place in the outgoing emails are a potential problems as these ads do compete with what you are trying to sell.

So when you are ready, do convert to a paid full email autoresponder like They are professional, provide great service as well as full features that will help you in your email marketing in the long run.

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