Submit to a Quality Business Directory for Better Results

A business directory provides the ideal directory to submit your site to if you’re trying to attract customers. A web directory is not the same as a search engine, because a search engine lists websites according to a search performed on different keywords. Users that visit a web directory do so, in order to find websites on a particular category or topic. A web directory organizes its sites according to various categories and subcategories. The major purpose of a web directory is to provide directory users with a categorized list of high quality websites from a chosen field or industry. There are many different web directories on the Internet providing a listing of links to various places on the Internet.

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Make sure that the directory is well organized. Users can usually search these directories by category and location making it very making it very easy for your customers to find you. Just throwing a set of links on a webpage isn’t enough to classify as a web directory. Niche web directories tend to focus on one subject with resources sorted into a smaller number of highly related categories. Categories need to be well thought out. A general web directory will have its resources sorted into a large number of categories covering a wide range of topics. The directory needs to be easy to navigate and have similar categories that need to be grouped together.

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Keywords are another vital element. The more directories a site is submitted to, the more inbound links it receives and therefore the higher the Pagerank. Using keywords properly is an important part of a great web directory. Just pasting in a web address for each listing will not do justice to the listing. With the advent of search engines as the preferred method for finding internet resources the importance of directories as information providers has diminished. Choose either the business or site main name or even the type of product, but make sure it is unique.

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These qualities together will help you separate the quality directories. If a site hasn’t been indexed by a search engine yet then adding a site to a web directory can be a good way of getting your site noticed. The directory needs to be updated frequently with any bad links marked and removed. Keeping the directory up to date and will keeps traffic returning. Web directories are regularly crawled so it’s more likely to be picked up by a search engine quickly. The website directory that contains all of these characteristics together is of higher quality and that is the web directory you want. A human editor will review the suggestion and add it to the directory provided it meets the submission guidelines for the directory. A directory like this can drive traffic and page strength to your site.

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