Why cleaner business cards are vital for your success

There is a lot of chatter on how business is happening on-line these days. However, there is still a place for cleaner business cards cards in the real world.

In fact being without a business card is a sin if you want to progress in your industry. There are so many openings to give your card to potential customers or future business partners that your cleaner business cards should be the first thing you put in your wallet.

Making the most of your cleaner business cards, here are our top 10 tips:

  • Find other companies that do not compete with you but share similar customers, ask to swap business cards with them. You can promote them and they can help promote your cleaner business.
  • Put your cleaner business cards on local community message boards in shopping centers, local libraries and community halls.
  • Give your business cards out to family and friends so they can help promote your business.
  • If you attach your business card to your invoices your customers will always have a card to hand if they need to call you.
  • Speak to local businesses, agree a referral fee if you receive any leads from placing your cleaner business cards you place in their office reception.
  • Hand out your cleaner business cards to other business people at local business functions and meetings.
  • When sending out promotional material in the post, always attach your business card to the brochure or leaflet.
  • Make sure any distinctive company logo is prominently displayed on your business cards.
  • Put your business cards in your jacket, wallet, purse, car, office, home, drawers, by the phone... never be without a business card
  • Your cleaner business cards should be easy to read, do not use fonts that advance difficult to read your name.

While you will use your business cards in the real world, one of the best places to find cleaner business cards is on-line. We have found offers that include the following features:

  • 250 free cleaner business cards, just pay shipping and handling
  • 42 designs on-line to choose from, in many color schemes
  • Design your card online
  • Your cleaner business cards delivered to your home or office

Business cards represent one of the best value marketing tools a person or company can use to promote their services. This is even better value if the cards can be printed at no cost.

Select your business cards on-line so next time you meet future customers you will have a ready supply of sample cleaner business cards with you.

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