Successful Email Marketing is difficult?

Email marketing is a very popular vehicle of distributing marketing messages on the Internet. Email marketing has some unique benefits over other forms of marketing a product. Let's check some of the good and not-so-good reasons of exploiting emails in your campaign.

This is a great way to promote a product online and Email Marketing Solutions certainly comes with certain benefits. Perhaps one of the most significant advantages to is the ability to reach a worldwide audience with minimal effort. This is certainly possible with other types of advertising but traditional methods such as television, radio and the print media are not nearly as effective for reaching potential customers around the world all at once.

This is certainly affordable for small business as well. Many other types of marketing, including Internet marketing, are significantly more expensive, whereas the costs associated with email marketing are minimal. Ideally you will already have a list of email recipients who are interested in your products and services so there is no cost associated with obtaining a list of email addresses. Email involves little distribution cost so benefits many small businesses.

These costs relating to graphic work and text are however, very small when considering the overall effect your email marketing may have. This is often used to pay writers and designers who will create some nice ads for you. The cost of email marketing is small and affordable even when you factor in that the advert has to be written and graphical work may be required. The cost to send emails as part of your campaign is very low and just about everyone can afford this.

Email marketing has often been threatened by spam laws. This can have disastrous effects on the profit margin. Email users are often irritated by unsolicited emails.

In fact, any kind of email subject lines that uses one of the well known spamming frequently used headlines will be automatically deleted and sent to spam folder. The email has a high chance of getting deleted of the recipient does not recognize the sender. You run the risk of being reported to the authorities for attempting to infiltrate people's inboxes with unsolicited messages if your email marketing is considered as spam by large numbers of recipients.

Now you have understood the benefits and risks of email marketing, you may be interested to know how to use this for your online business. The cost to send emails as part of your campaign is very low and just about everyone can afford this. Opt in members are former, current or future customers who have agreed to be on the receiving end of the marketing messages about your product and services.

To be effective one has to effective conduct email marketing without breathing any spam laws. Highlight the product but do not make it into a sales pitch. Give them extra benefits when responding to your email marketing's message 'call to action'.


mrahfa said...

oh, bagus betul artikel ni, ada pro dgn cons jugak kan internet marketing ni rupanya. takut betul dilabel spam kalau tak berhati2.

Fatin Pauzi said...

Yea, exactly. If you would like to know more about internet marketing tips, feel free to subscribe for the upcoming post. Thanks mrahfa. :)

Anonymous said...

I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.