Cash in with Video Marketing

With the popularity of Youtube, Break, Myspace video, and so many more Video social networking sites popping up everyday. This is a very important avenue to consider if you are marketing any kind of product on the internet. Especially if you are an affiliate marketer. Not only is video marketing important to your campaign and to get the word out, what if your video became viral? Your traffic to your sites, or affiliate links would skyrocket. Just take a look at youtube or one of the other sites I have mentioned, make a note of what is in the top 100 videos. Take cues from these when you start your video marketing campaign. These are the types of videos users like to watch, but you do not have to be exactly like them to get viewers. Below I am going to give some ideas of ways you can get started today with out a video camera. I have used the steps personally and they do work, and do bring traffic to your sites.

I am going to begin with the tools you need. These can be simple tools all the way up to professional quality video equipment. It really depends on what type of videos you are going to be doing. If you are for example going to be creating video of how to use a computer software program, then you do not need a video camera. On the other hand if you are going to be an infomercial type video showing a product that you have invented or own you will need a video camera. I am going to focus on howto videos, and other marketing videos, so you are going to need a great product like Camtasia Studio. This is a software program that lets you create video of your computers desktop. This is great for recording step by step how to videos. You are also going to need a way to get the videos out to your viewers. This is the easy part you can simply upload your videos to, or one of the many other video sites. These are free to join and will save you loads of money on hosting your own videos.

Here are some tips as to what type of videos you can do:

Music video, well not really. There are hundreds of free Opensource music that you can use. A trick that I have done and works to bring traffic is create a video with a screenshot of your website with your URL overlayed on the clip include the song with this and upload to a video hosting site. This is a quick and easy video to make and you can use tools you may already have such as Windows Movie Maker.

How about creating a video explaining how to use your favorite ClickBank product. Thats right make a how to video on how to use a certain piece of software or how to use one of the great marketing products that are available on ClickBank. People love how to videos. You can create the video upload it, but be sure to put your url of your landing page as an overlay on the video. Be sure to mention your website in the video.

These tips will help you get started in video marketing, this topic is so huge that I could never cover the entire process here. I have found some tools that will help you get started and make the process simple and easy even if you are not a professional video producer.

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