Are You Using The Power of Unselfish Self Promotion?

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Every week I read at least 20 blogs that have the word "Shameless Self Promotion" in them when the writers mention themselves or products.It is really strange to see how many people out there use those words.  I get blog posts daily related to self promotion and the majority of them are start with the words "a bit of Shameless Self Promotion". 

You might think that the title "Shameless Self Promotion" appears once in a while here and there on a blog or a website. The majority of blogs or internet posts use the word "Shameless", WOW.  This inspired me to write a self help or self improvement book on how to market and self yourself.

Do you think people don't like selling themselves?  Do you think people will recent you or block you in some mental or unconscious way? I don't get it! What is happening?  For starters, most of these internet entries come from people that have great content on their websites and blogs, so promote it, otherwise people will never find out and benefit from that content.

Maybe I can change your mind on what Self Promotion is and why it is never shameless.  You see, self promotion is an impulse that started with survival, with a primal instinct of self preservation.  Soon after it turned into a social skill that also required helping others to survive and strive in society in order to have more people helping each other and, yes, helping you.Self preservation started it all and now we have self promotion.  

Now, you also have to remember that if you have a good product or a good service and people will benefit from it there is no shame in promoting it.  After all, you are providing a solution.  This is the most important point of this article.  –If you provide value you need to promote it- This value can be with a product or service and it can also be form your advice, expertise, stories or blog posts.This new strategy or way of living is now part of a book "The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion". 

Unselfish Self Promotion means that you provide value first. You always provide some kind of "worth" to sociaty or readers or strangers.  You provide it in content, products, advice and friendship.  When you do this you are promoting yourself whether you want it or not.


Jorge S.Olson is a Professional Motivational Keynore Speaker & Author. Jorge is an eternal teenager, author and keynote speaker. His latest self-help book "The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion" will teach you how to sell yourself and your ideas all by helping others and making a difference in the world.  You can find his latest book 'The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion" on

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